Day 15 Go Commando

Set your Boys Free!

Walter White made tighty-whities cool again. Of course, if he were more of a ‘commando’ kind of guy the story may have made a turn for the worse…or maybe not.

no underwear
Every guy knows the adeptness required to man handle a zipper while underwear free

Squeezing your bits into a sweaty little fabric prison is just not natural. Airflow is required for cooling…and additional potency for when fertility is all your lady is focused on. Sure boxers might offer some protection from the chafing that only a stiff denim can impart.

So I ask, why keep those boys housed in a flannel. When venturing to the can, it’s really much easier to unzip and whip out what you need to release that bladder pressure.

Let your willy roam wild. Just be careful about those teeth on the zipper.


Day 14 Let that Dog Poop where he wants