Day 16 Invest your money in Lottery tickets!

It Only Takes One to Win

If lotteries didn’t work, people wouldn’t buy tickets…right? You hear about people in small towns winning all the time. Keno, scratch’ems, pull-tabs, and your regular old Lotto 6/49.

pull tabs and lotto tickets
Today might just be your lucky day. Dig out those last coins and bet it all on piggy!

Now you might be thinking odds. Well, I live in a city of 2 million people…maybe it’s my turn. How about that merchant in the mall selling from his center thoroughfare kiosk…how many customers does he have and at what point does he sell that lucky ticket? That day might be today…and you that special customer.

So buy yourself a ticket. Start dreaming how exactly you might spend those winnings. Would you even tell anyone, or keep it a carefully guarded secret for fear people might treat you differently?


When it’s my lucky day… you’ll know.


Day 15 Underwear is optional… Go Commando!