Day 18 White Pants aren’t Just for Lawn Bowling

Can You Pull off White Pants?

A summery fashion. White pants and a splash of color are a great way to demonstrate that summer is finally here. The lightness of the fabric can keep you cool while the full spectrum of sunlight reflects to parts unknown.

white pants and a petting zoo
Too many things wrong, or right about this picture. Anyone want to put odds on if there might already be poop on her butt?

Now as for day to day wear, it’s just a matter of choosing your meals and seats accordingly. Whereas a durable dark denim may be a bit more forgiving of a stray drip of ketchup, or that mystery stain on the bus bench… white pants encourage you to keep upright and watch what you might ingest.

If you’re daring and can’t wait for that lawn bowling invite, be sure to slip on a pair of uber bright undies and don those glorious white pants. We can’t all be prudes.


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