Day 17 The 3 Second Rule

Brush it off! It’ s fine to eat.

Depending on how particular your parental figures may have been, you may have been raised with a 3 or 5 second rule. Chances are that if your immune system can take on the worst of viruses…you’re probably good for better than 5 seconds.

Sausages three seconds
Round foods are destined for the floor. Who gets the wiener first…you or Fido?

What are we talking about? That buttered piece of toast that always lands butter side down on the floor. Those kernels of tasty popcorn resting on your seat between your legs. The sliver of perfectly cooked bacon that slipped off the plate. Recovering these items from the soles of your feet, dusting them off and consuming these marvellous morsels is perfectly fine.

No one ever told me what happens after 3 seconds though. I know thats about how long it would take the dog to notice and make his way over to find what tasty scraps are waiting for him.


Day 16 Today might be your turn to win!