Day 24 Share a Drink with Friends

Sharing is Caring After All

You’ve just ordered a micro brew you have never heard of, and are eagerly awaiting arrival of the effervescent beverage. When you see the waitress approaching your table, your mouth begins to salivate, thirst quickens…awaiting quench. Finally…a beer!

sharing microbrew beers
All these tasty beers can not be consumed, nor appreciated, by only you. Share with friends! Share with strangers and make new friends!

And what is that beer? Maybe that sweaty glass contains a smokey hefeweisen, a sour ale brewed in Queens…or a robust stout from somewhere near Portland. Regardless of where it’s brewed, one whiff and a single taste is pure lust. You want more…you want all of it…but before being greedy, it’s always best to share.

That’s what friends are for, sharing in your beery experience. Pass that glass around for everyone to have a quick sip before you dive in tongue first. You couldn’t possibly describe what your comrades would taste anyways.

After all, what are you afraid of? Cooties? The alcohol is certain to burn off any bugs left on the rim. That’s what they make hand sanitizer from.


Day 23 Squinting and Quick Reflexes can take the place of Safety Goggles