Day 27 Baby Oil or SPF 4

Summer is Coming, Time to Brown Up

Ah, that whiff of coconut scented tanning oil is about to rear it’s head once again as sunny days, weekends, and summer all converge into memory making weekends. The pasty white skin you’ve been hiding under layers of cotton, polyester and wool can finally be exposed, to give you that much needed Vitamin D.

coconut oil and tanning is bad advice
I bet she smells like coconut. Two days on this beach and she’s already browned up to latte levels. Another week in this sun and she’ll be damn near black.

And damn does that fireball in the sky make us feel good. Patios are full with beer drinking patrons, and sleeveless shirts although never in fashion are making their way out of the back of those mothball-filled dresser drawers.

Time for some tanlines people. Don’t go completely without sun protection. For quick browning of that ghostly white skin, be sure to slather on a little of that SPF4 tanning lotion. There’s just enough sun protection to let that melanin darken you up a little to a healthy brown, and with reapplication, you could maybe do a whole season of tanning in just a weekend.

Let’s see some golden brown legs in short summer dresses, ladies. Summer is too short to not show us guys a little tanned leg.


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