Day 28 Workplace Relationships are Efficient

Efficient Use of Together Time Anyways…

Just think of the quality time spent together. Working through problems on a day-to-day basis, carpooling, sharing lunch. We have so little time on this planet, so why not date a coworker?

Office romance
Can I buy you a drink…of water? Sounds a little lame, but a few minutes around the water cooler each day could turn into a whole lot more time together outside the office too…if you play your cards right

Sure there’s that casual office flirtation. Maybe a comment or two that HR might have highlighted as ‘inappropriate’ in a political correctness seminar. These suggestions though are merely parameters to work within. Someone you work with for 9 hours a day is someone you know pretty damn well. You see how they hold up in stressful situations, and can address their level of coping. That’s all life is…dealing with stressors whether good or bad.

After all, the rules are made by those who have broken them. Even if the rule makers haven’t at least stretched the definitions a little, surely they have fantasized a little as to what that naked butt on the copier must look like in color or black and white.

Hell, if you aren’t looking at creating an office romance…someone else is probably dreaming up a life with you playing a starring role in it.


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