Day 3 Everyone is an expert at something!

They know what they are doing…right?

Of course they do. Why would someone ever do something they know nothing about? Since they know more than you, they must be an expert. Be sure to quote every bit of their experience. Follow those tips to the letter.

Everyone is an expert
Expert? If you know more than me…does that make you an expert? Does that mean I am an expert too?

Hey, if that advice turned out to be wrong, I am sure there is another expert available to help you fix whatever you might have messed up by following the advice of the first expert. Research? Google? Best to ask someone with some first hand, maybe second hand, knowledge.

I know a guy, who has a friend with a cell phone store and he can tell you what you need for a phone. Really…he’s super good!


Day 2… You don’t need to buy her flowers