Day 4 This time, you don’t need to lift the toilet seat!

Those Drops aren’t from Me!

We are men. We have a ‘pee shooter’. Raising the seat is for those with a spray maker or lack of aim. This time…maybe you can blame those errant drops on your buddy.

Lift the toilet seat
At least with the high gloss black, you can see any trace drops from the last stall occupant. Do you touch the seat, or not?

After all, sitting down to pee is emasculating. We aren’t women. She can dry a few stray spatters every now and then. You are marking your territory. Asserting your position as a standing pee’r. You are the envy of all those sitters.

And when you are next standing in front of a urinal, straddling the puddle left by others with poor aim, just know that you shoot straight…and even if there was a toilet seat hanging in front of your pee target…you wouldn’t leave a drop.


Day 3 Everyone is an expert at something…