Day 33 Pick a Favorite Beer

Life is Too Short to be Disappointed with Weird Beer

I don’t need apricots infused in my beer. There is no need for chocolate, coffee, or marijuana to be added for any additional flavor. Beer is beer. Make it easy drinking and I will always be happy.

same beer over and over
Here’s an old favorite. I think I threw up for the first time on this stuff. Since then…it’s all I ever want to drink.

Besides, when I go out for a burger…all I want is a burger, fries, and a beer. I don’t want to peruse some massively long list of beers brewed by bearded, plaid wearing hipsters still living in their parents basements. Gimme a beer that has been around for a few decades…or even a century. Gimme a beer I can buy here, or clean across the country in some divey little bar. I know what I like, and I don’t want to risk being disappointed…over a beer.

So save your adventure for something memorable, like a zipline through the Peruvian jungle. Save a few dollars too by going with the beer you drank as a kid. Pilsner, Canadian, Labatt Blue…believe it or not, these are fancy import Canadian beers in any other country… and we know beer!


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