Day 32 Text During Dinner or Drinks

Always Stay in Touch with Friends

You just can’t miss out on any last detail. Maybe it’s a friend’s breakup, and the mundane reasons why things ended. Maybe you just have to stay on top of potentially better plans for the evening when dinner finishes.

texting during drinks dinner
Poor technique by this gal. She should have a glass of wine in one hand while tapping out a note with the other using her thumb. We have opposable thumbs for a reason people!

Try keeping your phone just below the table, and glance at it only occasionally. I like to keep my phone in my lap. A buzzing notification is conveniently muzzled between your thighs.

And when to pick up those notifications…rude comments from friends, playoff hockey updates, or how many people have liked that naked selfie you posted 20 days ago… you will know. There will be moments when your companion is distracted (or pulls out his phone) and you can quickly get your Facebook fix in.

So don’t be left out. Stay in touch. Save the actual verbal conversation for only when you absolutely have to. Words are instantly lost to the ether…text messages last a lifetime on some random server.


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