Day 35 Friends with benefits

Why Can’t You Have Your Cake and Eat It Too?

This is a question that seems to have plagued social circles for ages. Is it really possible to be friends with someone, and add in the physical element…without compromising the friendship.

summer romance friends
Sure it might be awkward to kick off the conversation, but you know these two are surely considering a little action might ease the tension here. Besides, what else is there to do at the cottage beside board games?

The physical component obviously refers to sex. If you aren’t with us this far, maybe it’s best you go back to Day 34 advice for tips on furniture selection. Friends with the ultimate benefits is achievable…its just a matter of finding a willing friend to partake in the extracurricular activity without the messy associated strings.

Ground rules work well. If you’re engaging in the intermingling of body parts with someone that knows even just a few secrets, maybe ensure you have a few secrets (blackmail material) to ensure your information is tightly held in the event of a falling out. Caution is always the key here.

Aside from that…keep it light. Keep it friendly. Above all, don’t get jealous. You are both unhitched, and you have known each other for a long time. Have some good pleasurable fun and go for a beer afterwards. Life is short, and if satisfying those basic urges can be a shared experience with a friend…why not?

Not every action needs to lead to a ring!