Day 36 Pick Up a Hitchhiker

Thumbs Up to Ridesharing!

It almost seems like a lost art. There are so few hitchikers on the road these days and more and more signs on the freeways discouraging this thumbs up approach to ridesharing. As a driver, I like the adventure picking up a hitchhiker brings. You know nothing about this person and you are about to share some long desolate stretches of road together. Maybe even a story or two.

hitchhiking 101
Now if he was a real escapee, wouldn’t he be wearing prison orange? And is that one of those country club kind of prisons or something for really bad people? Maybe we should pull over and ask a few questions first…like ‘where are you headed?’

News stories scaring the bejeezus out of us about roadside attacks or kidnappings don’t offer solace of any sort. I am sure your mom also wouldn’t agree for some irrational reason. There is likely a higher probability that a driver in the oncoming lane wipes us both out while sexting his secretary, than being beheaded by a lonely, broke traveler.

But then, maybe I am completely wrong on why I see so few of these roadside hitchers. It could be that more hitchhikers are getting picked up than ever before due to more people having cars…and that’s why we don’t see these dreadlocked, unshowered individuals sitting on their overstuffed backpacks awaiting a ride.

If you are lucky enough to see one of these rare breeds, offer a lift. Share a story.


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