Day 40 Cut Your Own Hair

Make a Style Statement with a DIY Haircut

We can’t all afford pricey stylists, or an hour in the chair while some tarted up woman in a very low cut top leans over to do scalp massages. Those extras might feel great, but remember the hit on your pocketbook.

mohawk cut your own diy
A true artist cuts their own hair, because it’s easy and doesn’t cost a dime. You might think they were just making a statement, but ultimately it’s financial necessity.

Why not save a few bucks, and the appointment time, by taking an inch or two off your own locks? My mom used to slap a bowl on our heads and do a quick once-around with the pinking shears (the regular scissors were just too dull). I don’t have a pair of those shears now, but in a pinch I can always find some scissors with enough blade to shorten my do.

Maybe a clipper does a better job, and quick. Although a good shaver might be a few more dollars than you want to spend, check craigslist for a deal or two. Certainly there has to be a few individuals out there that had a similar idea…and failed.

You’re better than them. You, my friend, can cut your own hair. And if anyone asks about that stray lock, you can either fix that when you get home…or be a trendsetter… after all, the Fauxhawk only came about from some hairdresser’s slip of the clipper.

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