Day 39 Dull Knives Are Not Dangerous

Poor Knife Skills Will Hurt Worse

It’s been 40 years and I still have all my fingers and toes.

Not once have I taken up a company offer to sharpen my knives for free. Why would I part with my favorite knife for two to three weeks, and pay for postage to and from the factory, and depend on that second or third favorite? I know that knife. I know it may not slice a tomato as easily as it once did. I do know that knife also won’t cut me to the bone as easily as it might have, right out of the box.

sharp and dull knives
This one’s a beaut! For extra safety though, you might want to dull this down a little. Try a little sandpaper, or saw through a few tin cans like those old Ginsu commercials.

And just to think about it, I don’t remember ever hearing of a soldier stopping in the middle of the battle to resharpen his blade because of too many decapitations. You would think any of these true to life movies would work some suspense-filled drama into an action flick while that nervous young soldier polished the knicks from his blade… just like the musketeer, with that frantic refractory period before squeezing off another shot.

When in the kitchen, take your time. Know your blade, and keep your fingers tucked tight. A sharp knife truly is a dangerous one.


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