Day 44 Cut That Muffler Off and Make Her Roar!

City Bylaws be Damned…I Want to Make some Noise!

In a day of emission controls and everyone figuring peace and quiet is an essential human right, mufflers have really cut the balls off a muscle car. I see these new Dodge Chargers with their aggressive lines and colors that pop…and from the exhaust all I hear is a faint purr.

cut off the muffler
Sure this Mustang might have a little get up and go, but sure as hell sounds as wimpy as a Toyota Echo. Maybe the designers compensate with a bigger horn.

Maybe it’s my ears,  shot from the days of mosh pits and being squished against the front rail in front of those massive stage speakers. Ear plugs don’t exude signs of strength or manliness, and now with a few years of life experience and reflection… maybe a little dampening of those amplified guitar riffs might now allow me to appreciate the firing pistons under the hood.

In absence of being able to pick up on those finer sounds, maybe it’s time to just revert back to the days of the Roaring 20’s. An era known for it’s economic upturn and the widespread adoption of muffler-free cars. Fast forward to the 60’s and 70’s, when you could hear a souped up ride from a mile away. Maybe even identify the pimped out vehicle by that roar. Nowadays you have not only a muffler, but catalytic converter and way too many engine controls. Add to that hybrid vehicles, which by no stretch of the imagination can be suitable for drag racing.

Cut that muffler off and give your car a little oomph! Even if you don’t quite have the horses under the hood, you sure as hell will sound like you do.


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