Day 56 Sweatpants Are an Excellent Choice

One Size Fits All Occasions

I figure before the summer really heats up, this is probably my last opportunity to outline exactly why sweatpants are really the optimum fashion option for your lower extremities. As soon as the middle of June hits, you will be in search of that perfect Speedo.

work out pants and hoodie
These guys have a whole lot of growing before they fill these pants out. With a stylish hoodie, it’s a look that just says ‘Comfort’.

So… sweatpants. You know this two-legged garment as pure comfort. You have heard of these so-called pants as a sign that ‘you have given up on life’. Surely if you have a few visible food stains due to poor vittles selection…I can see why the general public might think just that. With a clean pair of of jogging pants on, you can ignore those overachievers and fashion snobs. You know as well as I that they are quietly suffering from the pain of 4 inch stillettos, or the contained heat only a three-piece suit can bring. Those pretentious judges also don’t know if you are just heading out…or back from a run! You can appear to be athletic!

Now, jogging pants can be sexy as well. A lady can be mystified by what you guys might be packing in the loose fitting trouserwear. And ladies, consider donning a snug pair with the letters of your alma mater. Maybe a logo of your favorite sports team, or just a flashy saying. If it’s but attention you want…buried in the secrecy of extra fabric…you know where I am going with that.

Legwear for all occasions. In the comfort of your home while you fill your belly with chips and soda. Casual Fridays at work. Or a romantic stroll along the beach. Sweatpants are a garment that will grow with you through the ages, so spend your money wisely and get a quality pair that will be stylish for a decade or two.

You haven’t given up! You have discovered that comfort is all that matters.


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