Day 66 You Only Need Five Hours Of Sleep

Stay Up Late, and Get Up Early

Make the most of each and every day by catching that Late Late Night Show for a comedic wrap up to the events of the day. Set the coffee maker to Auto and wake up bright and early to the sound of those strange birds. You know, the ones that chirp incessantly at the first glimmer of dawn. I still haven’t seen one of those damn birds, even after all these years.

sleep deprivation
For maximum effectivness, cat naps are a great way to supplement your new 5-hour per night sleep regiment. I would recommend getting a keyboard cover, as drool will short out the keys…plus make them gooey.

The practice of less sleep obviously results in more productivity. You are awake for more hours in the day than your average human, so as a result…you should be able to get much more done. Maybe it’s time you too start a blog suggesting what people should or should not do. Maybe there is a creative project you could take up with all that extra time. Do some good for the world.

Truck drivers have been doing this since the dawn of the automobile and roads smooth enough to transport goods from city to city. Sure there might have been a few stimulants involved, maybe even a little instant coffee, but those cognitive boosting agents were purely for the weak.

Donald Trump reportedly only gets 5 hours of sleep a night. Martha Stewart is also one of these highly efficient sleepers. Between the two of them, we see a whole pile of possibly useless achievements. My guess is they started their low sleep routines at an early age, and with all that extra time…came up with some great ideas. Ideas they also had the time to execute on.

If you’re currently getting eight hours a night…imagine shaving off three of those. Over the course of a year…you have just added over a thousand hours of possible productivity per annum. To put it in perspective, that’s 125 eight hour days!

And if your sharpness is slipping…have a quick cat nap. I don’t have enough words to describe just how awesome naps are. I could use one now.


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