Day 67 The Smoke Break

Smoke Breaks Are Little Moments of Bliss

We work hard. We deserve breaks. Now the company surely won’t condone anyone taking a 5 minute break, once an hour…but a smoke break…that’s different.

cigarette smoking light up
Step outside, crack open that fresh pack of smokes, take a long….long whiff of that fresh tobacco…and slide one out. You want that smoke, your crave it…you love it!

Smoking may seem like a nasty habit, but what the non-smoker doesn’t realize is it’s those moments of solitude scattered throughout the day that really set the creative juices flowing. A burst of nicotine might cause your lower bowel to involuntarily squeeze a bit, but that’s just the sacrifice we make for those many moments of clarity. A break is one thing, a few minutes huddled under an awning in the winter rain is pure creative genius.

Stepping out for a few minutes doesn’t have to be just at work. Any social event or crowded bar is tight on space. I like a little room to swing my arms wildly…if i ever wanted to. Now that I can’t even smoke inside, it’s almost a nice little respite from having to listen to gossipy girls or make dreaded small talk with the acquaintance across the table. Note that this guy is not only weird…he smells funny and I didn’t invite him out. Sounds like it’s time for a cigarette.

I step outside, and sure enough I see other nicotine-depleted evictees hanging leaning against lamp posts and crouching in dark doorways. Other individuals that just needed an excuse to get out and perk that brain up a little.

Smoking has it’s advantages. You non-smokers will never understand unless you light one up. You might think we’re addicted, I think I am more addicted to the momentary solitude and habit than just the nicotine. You don’t know it yet, but your life is only better now because of smokers.

Which makes me think…I could go for a cigarette right about now.


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