Day 73 Keep The Windows Closed When Painting

Slow That Cure Time Down For Better Quality

It’s been years since you last painted, and now your partner is bellyaching that you don’t do enough around the house. I hate painting, and now that summer is here and I have to use up a few vacation days…it appears home improvements are now on the schedule. It wasn’t my choice, but if I ever want to get lucky again…I have to paint.

painting a room
I can already see stripes on the wall. With the windows and doors closed, you have the ultimate privacy to enjoy both the task at hand, and last years Sunday Comics!

Now, since I dread this chore…I find that keeping the windows closed is actually a great option. The can will state things like ‘use in a well ventilated space’ or ‘do not spray this product directly up your nose’ but what those warning writers don’t realize is the range of outside conditions that can affect my paint job. What if it’s raining? I don’t want water coming in and marking up my freshly coated walls. There are bugs outside as well, and they seem to love getting stuck in the new coat. All it takes is one windy gust and a few of my flowing long hairs shake loose and stick to the roller.

How about durability? A longer drying cycle between coats ensures better adhesion between the paint layers, and allows me to see where the wet paint is in relation to the dry. If you ever paint beige on beige…it’s easy to confuse wet and dry.

I also find that time seems to just go by faster. I don’t think it’s the 6-pack of beer consumed during application of the new coat. As much as I dislike the task, the process does put me in a much more creative mood than normal and my attention to detail improves greatly. You don’t want to ever get into a fact-based argument with me when liquored. You will lose.

So aside from a better paint job and me sacrificing a few more brain cells, I strongly recommend keeping the windows closed during your next painting chore. Sure it might take a little longer for the paint to dry, but watching your walls slowly shift from wet to dry will be that much more fun.


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