Day 75 Brew Up a Little Moonshine

Sugar, Yeast, Water and a Bucket

We have all seen the U-Brew places around town for those do-it-yourself enthusiasts interested in saving a few bucks by filling their closets full of no label booze. We live in a small space, so looking for ways to concentrate anything of value is a priority. I haven’t yet convinced the girlfriend to share in the cost of a storage locker to store a pallet of beer I brewed up, but I am working on her. She might drink it too…one day.

concentrated ethanol alcohol spirit
This ‘shine burns not only on the table…but also going down. Best to take small sips, or mix this down with some hipster derived concoction of guava-kale-dragonfruit. You could liquor a small army with this mason jar!

I have a couple friends that do this homebrew en masse. I also know that when I get that invite over for a few of these wobbly pops in their attractive green plastic bottles…there is an an ulterior motive. Sure, I know he wants to be social and catch up on days gone by, but secondly he needs bodies to consume the swill that he just can’t bear to throw out. I have had my fill of this shitty beer, and even though the price was right…I can’t get back the lost hours spent cradling the toilet bowl afterwards.

That’s why I don’t u-brew it. Stop messing around with beer or wine. It’s the alcohol you crave, so focus on just that. Shiners did it for years, and although the stuff they cooked up may have smelled like ass, the really poor quality liquid was used to fuel the tractor…or just mixed with apple juice for the ladies. That’s the awesome part…you take the 100% pure liquid and mix it down with your preference of cola or fruity pulp to levels you can tolerate. The only extra space you require is someplace to store your mix.

The process is simple, and if I can smuggle me a water distiller back across the border I can double my moonshining operation. Mix yourself up a tub of sugar and warm water, add a little yeast…and let it sit for a few days. That yeast feeds on the dissolved sugar to make the complex ethanol…which is easily separated out with your handy dandy distiller.

When you’re done…the final product never goes bad. You can use that spirit for drinking, cleaning smudges off walls, or general sanitation. A hobby that friends and strangers will always be supportive of.


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