Day 76 Studying In The Summer

Confine Yourself to a Classroom

I have an exam in the morning. It’s now Friday night. It’s a great time to kick back in the heat, with a drink in hand, and reflect on all the interesting tidbits I have picked up over the last 6 weeks. I know most everyone is out escaping their hot apartments, which is also why it’s so damn quiet around here.

summer studies
My guess is he is either learning how to become a brewmaster, or something related to urban planning through additional community gardens. That’s what bearded guys like…so I hear.

Not only is my apartment quiet, the classes are also only half full. Everyone seems to clamor over class schedules in the fall and cramming more courses into that fall workload than reasonable for an adolescent brain. In the summer, classes are small in size, so you have great one-on-one time teacher, and if you’re lucky…she might be hot as well and be interested in working with you on some extra credit.

Aside from the curriculars, your commute times to campus are way down. The cafeteria hasn’t been raided to the point where all you have to decide between egg salad or tuna. The bathrooms are clean, because no one has been there to soil the seat. It’s almost perfect. I almost forgot…when looking to escape the heat, the classroom is still air conditioned!

Being as even the instructor has vacation plans on the brain, there seems to be a lack of urgency on any matter. Homework assignments are forgiven for being a bit late. Quizzes seem to lose only half marks on critical errors. Your adjudicators for the course are lenient and almost want you to have a good time…maybe take additional courses to pay their way. I guess if no one did any summer learning, there would be a whole lot of teachers out there roaming the streets with a shopping cart.

And really, what else were you really going to do with all those warm summer days? You can still read something educational in a hammock at the lake.


Day 75 If Anything, Learn How to Brew Up Some Moonshine