Day 9 – Horizontal Stripes

Appear wider to command a room!

All the great leaders throughout history knew this fashion illusion. You want to appear authoritative or deliver bad news…make sure those stripes of yours are lateral and not vertical. Just look at the flags of the world…there are no skinny little vertical stripes.

horizontal strips, bad idea
These guys knew their fashion back in the day, or maybe their mothers just all think alike.

Wide, contrasting stripes can be worn as a form fitting shirt under a blazer. Maybe as a pair of attention attracting trousers. Ladies like these stripes as dresses to attract attention to butts, bellies, or boobs…depending on what they’re flaunting.

As for the rest of us…well you know fashion as well as I do, which means you need to go get yourself some broad stripes for that next power breakfast, or job interview.


Day 8 – The Pull-Out Technique