Day 5 Drunken texting can be fun!

Honesty is in the hand of the phone holder

So you have had a few drinks. You have a moment of solitude and that long lost girlfriend, or boyfriend, suddenly pops in your head. Either you long for those days gone by…moments lost…or you just want to smash his face in.

Texting while drunk can be fun
C’mon, you know you want to just break out that phone and send a note. It’s only been two drinks.

Break out that phone and tell them how you really feel. Hey, even just telling a friend how you feel through a drunken text can be really sincere. How often do you get to just spill out your thoughts uncensored? The phone is a medium. Texting, a means of expressing yourself without bearing the brunt of those consequences until tomorrow…maybe never.

I tried something different recently…a drunken postcard send. I’ll need to see what I wrote on that postcard, as I sure as hell don’t recall what I might have scrawled on that cardboard after a couple Mai Tais.


Day 4 You never have to lift the toilet seat